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Prof. Shi Yajun Discusses the Regular Development of Higher Education
Last Modified:  2009-04-07 09:22:33
On the afternoon of April 1st, 2009 Prof. Shi Yajun, Secretary of the Communist Party Committee of CUPL, was invited by CESL and the J.M School to deliver a speech entitled "Issues Concerning the Regular Development of Higher Education" in Room 305 of the Mingfa Building. Prof. Fang Liufang, Co-Dean of CESL, hosted the event.

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Prof. Shi Yajun.

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Students exchanged their views with Prof. Shi Yajun.

Prof. Shi began by briefing the audience on the three integral components of higher education and introduced several of the diverse interpretations of how to best observe these components. He added that we should make a full appraisal of the development of higher education by analyzing the three components, which include the overall situation of higher education, university governance and student development.

During the speech, Prof. Shi reviewed the development of higher education in China since 1977. "The four quadrants for accessing higher education should be scale, quality, structure and efficiency. The enormous changes in China over the past thirty years were triggered not so much by the economic reform as by the reform of the College Entrance Examination in 1977, which ushered in China's reform and opening-up," he stated.

Later, Prof. Shi talked about the mission of universities. "The four elements for evaluating a specific university should be its academics, culture, management and reputation," he said.

The individual development of students was his last topic. Knowledge, all-around development, intellect and competence, Prof. Shi said, should be taken as the four vital measures of a university student. University students should focus not only on the accumulation of knowledge, but also on all-around development. They should aim to become full-fledged talents with a scientific spirit, keen in thinking, problem-solving and communication.

After the conclusion of the speech, Prof. Shi answered various questions from the students, including the following: "You have just mentioned the efficiency of university governance. Does this mean that universities are expected to create economic benefit?" Prof. Shi responded that as non-profit organizations, universities should prioritize social welfare above all, and economic benefit should not be regarded as the main aim of universities.