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Good Governance and the Rule of Law in Development: The Role of Donors
Last Modified:  2010-05-19 11:16:57
Director General of EuropeAid Co-operation Office at the European Commission, Koos Richelle, gave a presentation on "Good Governance and the Rule of Law in Development: The Role of Donors" at CESL on May 13, 2010. The lecture was chaired by Co-dean Ninon Colneric and attended by both staff and students.

Europe is the world larger donor, investing 1.5 billion Euros each year, predominantly in promoting the rule of law, good governance and protecting human rights in developing countries.

European aid has changed from an objective of developing natural resources, which had limited effects on social development to setting up basic level support in sectors such as health care and education.
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Mr. Richelle lectures on the role of donors in promoting development.

The Director General pointed out that it is only with good governance and the rule of law that developing countries can progress. In their absence, the result is a need for democracy, a disregard for human rights, a poor investment environment, a corrupt and inefficient government, social discord and high rates of criminality.

The DG also pointed out China dual role as both receiver and donor of aid, as well as being both a developing country and an import government and economic system. One of the main problems now facing China is how to maintain domestic growth as well as promote growth in other developing countries.